Capability Reviews

I've had my fill of audits over the years, seriously... they just add to the chaos, and are usually done for political reasons; looking for someone to carry the can.

Capability reviews are different. Transformation is about moving from one Operating Model to another, it's as basic as that, and the first step is to make strategic decisions on your level of process integration and standardisation. It's only from that point you can decide on what direction to go... without nailing that down then you'll still be flailing about..

But Transformation is hard on an organisation, there's no easy way of putting it, and many fail because they simply cannot cope. Assessing the capability at this stage is vital to understand what the organisation can handle. Many years ago I had a Mini, it would only do 58 miles per hour, flat out. Some companies are like that, so trying to get them to London from Manchester in under 3 hours (metaphorically speaking) just isn't going to happen, you'll break them.

So Capability Reviews are done with the organisation, not to it. They assess what the current problems are, which direction to head, how quickly, and the potential benefits.

If you'd like to discuss where Capability Reviews can help with your transformation, then just give Algorithm a call.

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