Change Delivery

Trying to get by on 'best endeavours' just doesn't really cut it when it comes to Transformation, there are too many moving parts, and hiding behind a PRINCE2 certificate... well frankly its not enough.

There are some really good supporting frameworks and methods out there; TOGAF, CMMI, ITIL, & COBIT for starters. But equally there is a vast library of published work; 'Enterprise Architecture as Strategy' being one of the seminal works.

But creating Transformation change delivery is more than quoting theory, this is about understanding the individual benefits and short comings of each, then selecting only the parts that are really needed for your individual needs. That only comes with experience.

Still, what I've found is that any of this is meaningless unless the interlocking governance model is designed, implemented, but most of all supported by everyone. Linking together stakeholders at any level is never easy, so creating an Operating Model Centre of Excellence that also spans organisational boundaries is no mean feat. But as they say... 'if it was that easy, everyone would do it'.

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